Bolgheri is unique on Tuscany’s wine scene.

Set in untouched nature, the area entices visitors with its sublime shades: greens that range from the deep hues of forests to the shimmering silver of olive trees and the brightness of the vineyards; the blues of the sea and the sky; golden sand; warm browns of the soil.

This landscape is like scenery from the past, where development by human hands has borne respect for the surroundings. Medieval villages and farmsteads dot the Bolgheri area like magnificent jewels. International grapes such as Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah have found their perfect habitat here, resulting in world-renowned wines famous for their complexity, elegance and bouquet. The Tenuta Le Colonne wine shop is located right here, a centuries-old farmstead nestled among wooded hills and vineyards, where a breeze drifts in from the nearby beach and the sea in front of the estate, which is one of the loveliest stretches of coastline in the Bolgheri area.

Visiting our enoteca means that you can explore the very essence of our wines: Bolgheri DOC and Bolgheri DOC Superiore, “Mediterranean” expressions of the main international varieties, as well as native Vermentino and our Rosato. Experience the harmony of our wine estate, a place where nature, colours and aromas promise an exploration of the senses.

Led by Studio Bernardo Tori, the farmhouse was renovated according to the principle of blending the building’s traditions with the need for a radical updating of the interiors and the inclusion of more contemporary features.

The natural-hued facades are reminiscent of the area’s typical farm buildings, as also seen in the bright red window sills and external design features. The frontage along the old Aurelia road stands out with the unmistakable exterior double staircase and the gable bearing the coat of arms.

The revamped gardens, which welcome visitors to the estate, unfurl in front of the old farmhouse: flower beds frame the large lawn, paying tribute to the typical local greenery with plantings of oleander, strawberry and mastic trees, myrtle, agave and roses. An iron arbour winds around the rustic travertine walkways, creating peaceful and shaded corners. Tall eucalyptus and cedar surround the grounds, while an age-old oak tree provides protection from the summer sun, the perfect place for tastings and outdoor gatherings.

The ground floor is accessed through an entranceway that reveals the ageing cellar through floor-to-ceiling windows to the left and right. The wine rests in striking French wooden barrels in the semi-darkness of updated spaces that put winemaking processes at the forefront.

In the wine shop and tasting rooms, local building materials are blended with contemporary furnishings: lacquered wood panelling on the walls and handcrafted terracotta flooring; a brightly coloured lampshade designed by Paola Napoleone in Rome that lights up the table in the tasting room; tall bar stools so that guests can taste our wines in total relaxation.

According to the same philosophy, appliques and antique floor lamps equipped with LED lighting enrich the interiors with warmth and depth.

The long cherry wood tasting bar was handcrafted by a carpenter and is topped with a purpose-fitted zinc acetate counter. Animal silhouettes by Tuscan artist Silvia Cheli adorn the walls by the bar.

Welcome to Tenuta Le Colonne: our wine shop, nestled between vineyards and sea, introduces you to one of the best-loved wine appellations in the world: Bolgheri DOC

The Tenuta Le Colonne wine shop is open for wine tours and tastings from Tuesday to Saturday 2.30 pm – 6.00 pm. For sales in the morning, upon request only. We will be delighted to welcome you!

We are delighted to provide tastings, estate tours and original wine experiences. On the Tenuta Le Colonne Discovery Wine Tour, an estate guide will accompany you around the vineyards next to the enoteca, explaining our production philosophy, before visiting the cellars and tasting the winery’s four labels: Vermentino, Rosato Costa Toscana IGT, Bolgheri DOC and Bolgheri Doc Superiore. This tasting explores the extraordinary expressive variety of Bolgheri.

If you’re on a quest to find an incredible wine experience, book the Tenuta Meraviglia Panoramic Wine Tour. After visiting our vineyards and cellars, climb aboard a jeep to reach the wooden viewpoint furnished with tasting tables at the highest and most scenic spot on the estate. Savour the four wines produced by Tenuta Meraviglia while gazing out at an unparalleled view: the Bolgheri coastline with its pinewoods and sand dunes, the Populonia headland and the islands of the Tuscan archipelago.

If you’re feeling peckish, opt for picnic of local delicacies eaten in the shade of a centuries-old oak trees surrounding by our vineyards. This rural lunch follows a tasting experience at the wine shop, when you can choose the wine to pair with your picnic.

Romantics can book the Sunset Beach Tour, available daily except Sundays, by 6pm. You will be handed a kit at the wine shop to enjoy our estate wine on the beach as the sun sets over the cerulean sea.

To book the experience that entices you the most, simply access our online booking service.

For privileged access to the “stars” of Tuscan lifestyle, we recommend becoming a member of the D’Wine Club, which provides tailored advantages in purchasing our wines (from the finest appellations and terroirs of Tuscany – Bolgheri DOC, Chianti Classico DOCG, Brunello di Montalcino DOCG, and other fine Toscana IGT labels) in addition to our extra-virgin olive oils and unique experiences at our wineries.

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